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Mouth Cancer

More than 2000 people in uk died last year from mouth cancer which is more than testicular and cervical cancer combined
Early detection results in survival rates of 90%
Delayed diagnosis results in the rates plummeting to 50%

Did you know that the two leading causes of mouth cancer in the uk are tobacco and alcohol !
Here at The Smile Team at every check up we always ask our patients about smoking and drinking habits, as these significantly increase the risks
We check the mouth tongue lips and throat

The initial symptoms are usually painless and extremely small—a sore ulcer which has lasted more than two weeks or an explained lump

If we are in any way concerned after examination, we will immediately send a digital photo to one of the oral surgeons who we work closely with , and they will give almost immediate advice.
Appointments can be made very quickly if the surgeon feels this is necessary even within 24 Hours

Personally I have referred approx 250 patients every year for a second opinion .

Of these many are not cancer but some are pre malignant lesions which the oral surgeons will now monitor every year

However every year there are 4-10 patients who actually have some form of cancer . I still see many of these patients regularly after undergoing treatment and obviously the patient and their families are so relieved and grateful that we made that initial diagnoses and immediate referral

So – do not put it off – If you as a patient are worried about anything different in your mouth please tell us – YOU ARE NEVER WASTING OUR TIME , and we could be saving your life


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